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GH PAFC Poly Aluminum Ferric Chloride Powder

Chemical Formula: [AL2(OH)nCl6-n]m[Fe2(OH)nCl6-n]m(SO4)x (n≤5, m≤10)


GH PAFC is an inorganic high-molecular polymer compounds of iron salt and aluminum salt by hydrolysis reaction. It’s reddish brown powder with strong ability to capture the impurities and clarify the turbidity, widely used as a coagulant for industrial water treatment, municipal sewage treatment, sludge dewatering and Industrial wastewater treatment. GH PAFC is highly efficient and cost effective for treatment of water with high turbidity.


1.Highly efficient: be easily soluble in water and forms stable and large flocs at fast rates;
2.Low cost: effective at very low dosage level, saving cost by 10%-20% than other coagulants
3.Good adaptability: can be used in a wide range of PH value and at a wide range of water temperature.
4.Has no corrosion and damage to equipment
5.Adapts to a wide range of applications and has the same effect in treatment of water with high turbidity and severe pollution problems
6.Effectively removes free aluminum ions residual
7.No return of ferreous color in effluent



1.Industrial water treatment;
2.Municipal sewage treatment;
3.Sludge dewatering;
4.Industrial wastewater treatment.


Dilute the powder into 5%-10% solution. General dosages varies in between 10-100 PPM however the dosage of application will vary with situation and severity of problems. It is recommended that treatment loadings be determined by laboratory tests prior to use in the field.


GH PAC-04 is packaged in 25 Kilo (net weight) bags, outside polypropylene woven bags lined with food-grade plastic inner bags.


Please store the product in original containers in dry and cool place, away from heat, flame, sunlight and moisture. For additional information, the Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.