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Ministry of Environmental Protection: EIA system cannot be canceled, and will supervise 31 provinces

issuing time:2018/3/22 9:29:55
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Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a forum of enhance nationwide EIA reform to further study and carry out the Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the age of Xi, take the policymaking and deploy about ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection of 9th NCCPC as a guidance, to push the EIA reform. Huang Runqiu, vice minister of Ministry of Environment Protection, attended the meeting and gave a speech.
The EIA system should be reinforce instead of weaken or cancel. In the past year, owing to the joint force of national EIA team, the EIA reform has obtained tangible progress in some aspects such as“ rules, rules and implementation”, but there are still many problems exist in EIA which require further reform to solve. Environmental protection departments of all level should acknowledge and understand the EIA reform correctly, rectify some misunderstandings to allow EIA to come back to itself and its position; we should understand the “release control and serving”. To “streamlining administration and delegation power” does not equals to reduce working loads, so we should enhance the pro and postmortem supervision and services. Meanwhile, we should deal with the relationships between release and control, control and serving, tolerance and strict, catch big and release small, law-biding and effect-promoting, macro and micro; push the implementation of the Thirteenth Five Environmental Impact Assessment reform implementation plan with larger force and more effective measures. Said Huang.
To ensure all the EIA reform measures to be carried out properly, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will supervise 31 provinces this winter and the first half year of 2018, 10 provinces will be supervised in the first round. To tease out and summarize the problems existed in the past few years, find out the effective solution by supervising. Prevent the reform measure to be “in vain”, and correct the emerging error to make sure the reform goes in the right direction, actually increase the solidity of EIA system and rebuild the image and confidence of the EIA team. Said Huang.
The supervising should be done according to the rules and reform direction, check the implementation of all the requirement of EIA rules and reform scheme. Stick to problem-based way of working, go straight to the problem. Talking less about the achievements and more about the problems when making a local report. Focusing on the highlighted areas, set fine examples, dare to face the problem and tackling the infraction of law. Keep checking until the end, generate shock and awe, and establish authority. We should insist in service-oriented, promote the rectification by service, guide local to improve their work. We should do things according to the law and rules, open to the public and play a warning role. Stressed Huang.
Huang ask us to do our job of organizing and coordinating in this first round supervising. All supervising team should make comprehensive arrangement, communication with the supervised area, do a fine job at early preparations, and be solid during the supervising. According to the requirement of minister Li Ganjie, to be “strict, true, careful, reality, fast”, should not go through the motions, do something superficial or be formalism; summary and promote the good behavior and experiences, point out the existing problem and finish supervising report. All local departments should cooperate actively and form their own supervising team to do self-inspection. Go through a thorough cleaning, clear up and rectification by supervising.
The division principals, leaders of EIA divisions, departments concerned, head of unit of all provincial environmental departments also attended the meeting.